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Sean Stewart Beat Out Bronny James And More To Win The McDonald’s All-American Dunk Contest

The 2023 McDonald’s All-American Game is set for Tuesday at the Toyota Center in Houston. As an appetizer, the skills competitions took place on Monday, headlined by the dunk contest (also known as the Powerade Jam Fest), and Bronny James drew the most attention of the proceedings. Still, it was a fun night of high-flying performances from top-tier prospects, and the highlights were flowing as a result.

Stewart, a five-star prospect from Montverde Academy, did execute quite well down the stretch, and the field was very enticing. It wasn’t the crowning moment for Bronny to quite follow in the footsteps of LeBron by winning the title that many anticipated, but it was a good table-setter for Tuesday and fun was had by all.

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